Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cholkas honored by art group

New Richmond Elementary School visual arts teacher Amy Cholkas has received the Circa Recognition Award from the Ohio Art Education Association and inducted into the OAEA Circa Honor Society at the association’s annual conference in Dayton in November.

The OAEA Circa Society honors OAEA educators who have shown long term service and professional dedication to OAEA and the field of visual art education in Ohio.

The Ohio Art Education Association is Ohio’s professional organization for nearly 2000 of Ohio’s visual art educators and promotes educational growth and leadership within its membership.

“Congratulations to the New Richmond Exempted Village School District for having this outstanding educator in your district,” said Kathryn Cahill, OAEA membership chair.

Monday, November 14, 2011

NRMS concert honors veterans

New Richmond Middle School honored our community's military veterans Nov. 10 with an assembly and concert by the school's 7th and 8th grade choirs under the direction of Mr. Doug Heflin.

Click on the photo below to watch a video of NRMS' Veterans Concert.

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

NRHS to hold Nate Kramer benefit

New Richmond High School will join the University of Cincinnati swim team in “The Ted Mullin Hour of Power” cancer awareness swim relay from 3 to 4 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 22 to benefit the Nate Kramer Medical Fund.

Kramer, a 2007 graduate of New Richmond, was diag¬¬nosed with Leukemia last June following the completion of his collegiate swimming career at the University of Cincinnati.

After being cut from basketball in middle school, Kramer switched to swimming and went on to set school records in the 200-meter and 500-meter freestyles, the 200 Individual Medley and the 100-meter backstroke and won a scholarship to swim for UC.

“Nate is one of an elite group of New Richmond High School graduates to receive a scholarship to a Division I college to participate in athletics,” said NRHS teacher Rick Mahan.

The benefit will be held at the New Richmond High School pool after school on the 22nd.

“We ask that you bring a donation and come swim or just watch,” said Mahan.
Anyone wishing to donate or has any questions can contact Mahan (553-3191 Ext. 10214), Malissa Cornette (553-3191 Ext. 10306) or Judy Middeler (553-3161 Ext. 11027).

Monroe serves those who served

Monroe Elementary held its annual Veterans Breakfast Thursday, Nov. 10 featuring the Monroe Student Council serving breakfast meals to the veterans and also performing patriotic songs under the direction of Sally Lindsley.

Click on the photo below to watch a video of Monroe Elementary's Veterans program.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Locust Corner honors veterans

New Richmond's Locust Corner Elementary held its annual Veterans Breakfast Nov. 9 featuring four of the area's World War II veterans.

Click on the link below to watch a slideshow video of Locust Corner's Veterans program.

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Amy Cholkas' salute to veterans

New Richmond Elementary visual arts teacher Amy Cholkas created an educational and inspirational Powerpoint presentation for the school's annual Veterans program.

Click on the photo below to watch a video of Amy Cholkas' veterans presentation.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

NRE 2011 Veterans Breakfast

New Richmond Elementary held its annual Veterans Breakfast Nov. 7 featuring readings honoring veterans and a performance by a combined faculty-student choir.

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NRE student council speeches

Candidates for president and secretary of New Richmond Elementary's Student Council gave their campaign speeches Monday prior to voting by the school's 4th, 5th and 6th grade students.

The program was hosted by NRE Student Council advisor Karen Cahall and NRE Speech-Language Pathologist Tracy Maguire.

Click on the photo below to watch the speeches.

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Preschool openings at Locust Corner

There are a few openings in the preschool classroom at New Richmond's Locust Corner Elementary. Families must reside in the LCE area to be eligible.

If you or anyone you know, has a preschool age child and would like enrollment information, please contact Erika Hauke at or leave a voice mail message at 553-3181 x15206.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

NRHS to perform White Christmas

The New Richmond High School music department has never shied away from major productions when it comes to the school’s Fall musical having produced the likes of West Side Story. But somehow White Christmas never made the production schedule until this year.

“White Christmas is a really wonderful old time story with a happy ending but it really doesn’t get produced very much because it’s moderately seasonal,” said New Richmond music director Doug Heflin, who is directing the show with the assistance of his wife, Lisa. “But because we have our musical a week before Thanksgiving, it kind of gives us a connection.

Cast members from New Richmond's production of White Christmas (from left) Sammi Gregory, Sarah Molitor, Ashleigh Beard, Will Heflin and Nick Gilman rehearse their roles.

Besides it’s an Irving Berlin musical.

“I’m a big Irving Berlin fan,” admitted Heflin.

The muisical will be performed November 18th & 19th at 7:00 pm in the NRHS theater.

The White Christmas storyline has two World War II veterans and song-and-dance act following two beautiful sisters to a Vermont lodge where they will be performing in a Christmas show. Once there they find their former Army commander, General Waverly, is the lodge owner and a series of romantic mix-ups result where they try to help the general.

“The movie version of White Christmas is a bit different from what we will do on stage,” said Heflin, who is directing a cast and crew of 75. “You can tell they changed the movie version around to be a vehicle for the great stars.”

The two main characters Bob and Phil (played in the movie by Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye) are being played by Will Heflin and Nick Gilman. The sisters (Vera-Ellen and Rosemary Clooney in the movie version) are played by Sammi Gregory and Sarah Molitor.

“Those four characters are the driving force in the movie,” noted Heflin, “but in the stage version we are doing we also have very important parts being played by Ashleigh Beard who playing Martha Watson the inn keeper, Michael Steelman who is General Waverly and Sarah Denneman who is playing Susan Wavely, the granddaughter of Waverly. In our stage version both Martha and Susan have solos.”
NRHS music director Doug Heflin directs a scene during rehearsal while his wife and assistant director, Lisa Heflin, and Newton McCollum discuss his role in the musical White Christmas.

The New Richmond production also will include some of the dance routines from the Broadway and movie versions with the students doing their own choreography.

“Without a dance studio and a dance choreographer here, the students divvy up and do all their own choreography,” said Heflin. “We have a couple solo dances (Mary Grace Williams and Jessica Nazareth) and I think it looks great.”

Heflin said fans should not confuse White Christmas with Holiday Inn, another Irving Berlin musical from which the song White Christmas originated.

“White Christmas the musical only has a couple of Christmas scenes – the very two or three minutes and then the closing scene,” said Heflin.

“It’s going to be neat. It’s a good sit-back, feel-good about yourself and watch a neat show.”
Michael Steelman plays General Waverly in New Richmond High School's production of White Christmas.

Cast List for White Christmas
November 18th & 19th at 7:00 pm in the NRHS theater
Will Heflin—Bob Wallace
Nick Gilman—Phil Davis
Sarah Molitor—Betty Haynes
Sammi Gregory—Judy Haynes
Michael Steelman—General Waverly
Ashleigh Beard—Martha Watson
Sarah Dennemann—Susan Waverly
Craig Hoagland – Ralph Sheldrake
Pavel Jump—Mike
Erica Jones—Rita
Rachel Heflin—Rhoda
Newton McCollum—Ezekiel Foster
Sydney Clancy—Tessie
Chelsea Fawley—Cigarette Girl
Charlie Spicker—Jimmy
Daniel Wilson—Conductor
Nicholas Wuest—Snoring Man
Cierra Edwards—Mrs. Snoring Man
Lydia Webb—Secretary
Lindsay Gundler—Dance Captain & Passenger #4
Morgan Olenick—Seamstress & Marty
Rachel Ploucha—Assistant Seamstress & Passenger #4
Luke Gilday—TV Announcer
Amber Hudson—Gloria
Jessica Nazareth—Feature Dancers
Hannah Smiddy—Feature Dancers
Mary Grace Williams—Feature Dancers
The Company
Halee Curtis
Tyler Davis
Megan Deters
Audrey Feiler
Cindy Hamilton
Abby Jewell
Olivia Latham
Emily Leffler
Skylar McDonald
Juliane Molitor
Mande Myers
Katelynn Nichols
Courtney Roberts
Analiese Rohdes
Jade Stamper
Ashley Stephens
Rachael Trowbridge
Kelsey Williams

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

NRMS 1st quarter honor rolls

New Richmond Middle School
1st quarter honor rolls
7th Grade Merit Honor Roll
Grant Anderson, Brittney Bash, Jessica Bauscher, Rachel Coons, Kaeley Fagan, Alexis Forsee, Katelyn Forsee, Alex Gardner, Caitlyn Grooms, Joseph Hammill, Anna Heiden, Calvin Hochberg, Kaylin Hoffman, Travis Justice, Anna Kellerman, Gage Kramer, Madison Lanthorn, Brooke Lanthorn, Teddy Mansfield, Ashley Mikles, Abigale Morris, Daniel Parks, Jacob Phillips, Rachael Riffle, Katherine Schlaak, Shelbi Simpson, Lukas Smiddy, Cortney Smith, Staci Stephens, Daniel Stoy, Trace Walriven, Daniel Weiskittel, Laura Wilson, Dakota Young

7th Grade High Honors
Summer Adams, Levi Antoni, Bailey Armbruster, Savannah Bateman, Natalie Bates, Anna Bennett, Celia Bostic, Kaleb Boyer, Hannah Brown, Lilyann Cahall, Taylor Cardarelli, Jason Chapman, Kaylee Chapman, Joshua Clancy, Sydney Closterman, Sally Corbett, Caleb Cyrus, Jacob Cyrus, Joshua Dixon, McKenzie Edwards, Raebecca Ellington, Nicole Erdman, Clayton Farmer, Amber Fischer, Sadie Fischesser, Hunter Gilpin, Luke Glenn, Ethan Gundler, Bailey Haas, Anna Hamilton, Averi Hammonds, Lindsay Hayes, Hunter Higginbotham, Amber Jividen, McKayla Kirschner, Jacob Konerman, Victoria Loving, Zackary Marck, Angus Matthews, Haley Maynard, Chase McDonald, Brittney Miller, Kandice Miller, Sydney Myers, Brianna Naylor, Christopher Nazareth, Zachary Neeley, Isabelle Oiler, Angel Sauer, Noah Scheu, Cooper Scholz, Peyton Schweickart, Maggie Smith, Johnathan Snider, Brianna Sons, Tabitha Stevens, Douglas Stewart, Timothy Tyler, Maria Valenzuela, Elisabeth Walters, Brandin Webb, Tanner Webb, Emily Weitzel, Emily Willhoff, Ashley Willis, Bergen Workman.

7th Grade Honor Roll
Ryan Allen, Elizabeth Barber, Courtney Bash, Jacob Bishop, Samuel Blackburn, Jade Blackledge, Tyler Brown, Seth Butler, Dawson Cromwell, Shayna Curtis, Kasey Davis, Amber Drew, Brittany Edwards, Christian Faul, Nikolas Hensley, Luke Hoagland, Zakery Hubbard, Hannah King, CJ Meyer, Keaton Montgomery, Austin Niederhelman, Andrew Pruitt, Heather Slye, Bradey Strunk, James Thacker, Ashley Troy, Jude Utsinger, Sophie Wright.

7th Grade Perfect Attendance
Levi Antoni, Corey Baker, Brittney Bash, Courtney Bash, Savannah Bateman, Anna Bennett, Gary Blackburn, Jade Blackledge, Hannah Brown, Taylor Cardarelli, Jason Chapman, Kaylee Chapman, Sally Corbett, Shayna Curtis, Caleb Cyrus, Jacob Cyrus, Joshua Dixon, Hannah Duty, Kaeley Fagan, Clayton Farmer, Amber Fischer, Alexis Forsee, Katelyn Forsee, Alex Gardner, Luke Glenn, Caitlyn Grooms, Anna Hamilton, Joseph Hammill, Averi Hammonds, Sophia Hawkins, Anna Heiden, Nikolas Hensley, Hunter Higginbotham, Luke Hoagland, Calvin Hochberg, Zakery Hubbard, Amber Jividen, Gage Kramer,Madison Lanthorn, Rebecca Lanthorn, Victoria Loving, Teddy Mansfield, Angus Matthews, Haley Maynard, Mollie McDaniel, CJ Meyer IV, Ashley Mikles, Brittney Miller, Keaton Montgomery, Kennith Moore, Sydney Myers, Austin Niederhelman, Isabelle Oiler, Jacob Phillips, Andrew Pruitt, Rebecca Reffit, Nathan Sanders, Angel Sauer, Noah Scheu, Katherine Schlaak, Cooper Scholz, Heather Slye, Daniel Stoy, Ashley Troy, Timothy Tyler, Maria Valenzuela, Tiffany Vise, Dalton Wallace, Daniel Weiskittel, Emily Weitzel, Emily Willhoff, Ashley Willis, Laura Wilson.

8th Grade Merit Honor Roll
Alicia Bailey,Kaitlyn Flake,Adrianna Flood,Evan Grippa,Timothy Hammer,Chase Heflin,Ariel Huber,Jade Kunz,Harrison Light,Kelsey Nichols,Erin O’Toole,Kendal Warren.

8th Grade High Honors
Cidney Adams, Dylan Allen, Rachael Autzen, Gregory Beasley, Emily Belmont, Brianna Chapman, Hannah Clifton, Kendal Collier, Emily Crockett, Rebecca Darland, Noah David, Kristin Evans, Nicholas Flake, Ross Flenniken, Zoe Hallahan, Maren Hance, Hayley Hawkins, Jacob Hayden, Morgan Huddleston, Ariel Johnson, Nicholas Kirby, Brooklyn Klein, Hannah Lake, Hunter Lansaw, Nicholas Laub, Ella Lindsley, Allyson Lutz, Joseph Maxwell, Taylor McKinley, Jesse Noble, Kayla Olenick, Sydney Padgett, Darik Page, Laura Painter, Connor Pike, Amanda Redmon,Holly Reinert, Kiara Rivera, Eric Rolfes, Skye Saldana, Kirsten Savage, Corey Secen, Cydney Stiles, Austin Torrens, Chelsey Underwood, Maisie Waters, Kaitlyn Williams, Lindsey Williams.

8th Grade Honor Roll
Jacob Bauman, Lacey Bayless, Destiana Berling, Chelsey Bowling, Alexander Boyer, Nikita Branam, Jacob Branson, Ryan Brunk, Zachary Bullock, Dustin Carr, Tamara Crosby, Matthew Devoe, Kiley Doane-Deardorff, Kerrigan Dyer, Shawn Elam, Austin Frazier, Tyler Gates, Kaylee Gibbs, Blake Gibson, Karl Greifenkamp, Benjamin Hamilton, Elise Holdsworth, Dana Honaker, Bailey House, Carla Koch, Peyton Kroeger, Chad Louis, Morgan Malicoat, Seyvon Marshall, Melissa Moore, Adam Nassar, Jonathan O'Dell, Silas O'Dell, Tyler Payne, Kelly Rowan, Tyler Sammons,Robert Sarbell, Michael Simpson, Alex Snider, Jenna Swormstedt, Cole Thompson, Jesse Troy, Austin Verkamp, Brian Waddle, Zachary Walton, Magic Weir, Michael Williamson.

8th Grade Perfect Attendance
Cidney Adams, Erik Anderson, Rachael Autzen, Alicia Bailey, Jacob Bauman, Emily Belmont, Jacob Branson, Christopher Bullock, Zachary Bullock, Dustin Carr, Brianna Chapman, Hannah Clifton, Kendal Collier, Travis Crawford, Emily Crockett, Rebecca Darland, Noah David, Kerrigan Dyer, Donald Edwards, Ross Flenniken, Adrianna Flood, Casey Goodheart, Evan Grippa, Benjamin Hamilton, Timothy Hammer, Jacob Hayden, Elise Holdsworth, Bailey House, Ariel Huber, Ariel Johnson, Ethan Justice, Jade Kunz, Harrison Light, Ella Lindsley, Allyson Lutz, Morgan Malicoat, Alix Miller, Kelsey Nichols, Jesse Noble, Jonathan O'Dell, Kayla Olenick, Erin O'Toole, Sydney Padgett, Darik Page, Tyler Payne, Connor Pike, Skye Saldana, Tyler Sammons, Robert Sarbell, Nicholas Skeene, Christopher Sollberger, Hali Stamper, Cydney Stiles, Stile Sweet, Jesse Troy, Stacey Tucker, Chelsey Underwood, Austin Verkamp, Brian Waddle, Maryann Wuerdeman.