Monday, July 18, 2011

Math teachers add new software

New Richmond High School and Middle School math teachers have completed two days of training in order to introduce the international math software program Geogegra to their classrooms this fall.

GeoGebra trainer Steve Phelps (standing) works with New Richmond math teachers (from front) Cara Corbin, Vickie Corpuz and Lisa Kellerman. John Frye, director of pupil and staff services for the NREVSD, observes.

GeoGebra comes from geometry and algebra and is an open source software for mathematics education in schools that joins dynamic geometry, algebra and calculus. The program has won several educational software awards in Europe.

“Our teachers will use it to demonstrate and teach higher level concepts and skills,” said John Frye, director of pupil and staff services for the New Richmond Exempted Village School District.

“The high school math department requested training in GeoGebra which will allow teachers and students to use interactive graphics, algebra and spreadsheet graphs to better understand mathematical concepts from elementary school to university level.”

Frye said the middle school teachers were invited as the higher level math courses are being introduced at those grade levels.

The program is used internationally and is available on the internet at and allows teachers and students to do constructions including points, vectors, segments, lines, and conic sections as well as functions, which can be altered dynamically by mouse afterwards.