Friday, August 5, 2011

NRE Beautification Day

New Richmond Elementary principal Terry Miller is seeking volunteers for a NRE Beautification Day to be held from 8 a.m. to noon on Saturday Aug. 13.

"I am concerned that our custodial staff is overwhelmed with projects and work still to do in the next two weeks and may not be able to tackle the "yardwork" that very much exists," said Miller.

The beautification project will include pulling weeds, planting perennials and spreading mulch on the playground and around the perimeter of the NRE building.

"We would love donations of plants from anywhere," said Miller.

NRE secretary Sally Wylie found someone willing to donate mulch.

Volunteers are asked to bring their own gloves and tools, including a small tiller and weed eaters.

Miller also is seeking donations of hotdogs, buns, chips, cookies and water to feed the workers. A propane tank for the PTO grill is also needed.

"With our Open House August 16, I really want to have the place spruced up and looking inviting," said Miller.

Anyone willing to help with the project are asked to call Sally Wylie or Principal Miller at 513 553-3181.