Monday, February 6, 2012

Meteorologist visits Locust Corner

On Monday, February 6, Local 12 Meteorologist John Gumm visited the Locust Corner fourth graders. As part of the Ohio Academic Content Standards for Science, fourth graders study weather in their unit on earth science.
John Gumm with 4th graders Courtney Cooper and Kayla Matlock

Mr. Gumm brought many interesting activities as a part of his presentation; such as rain clouds, cloud in a bottle, tornado in a bottle, how hail is formed, lightning and thunder, and the popular “hurricane” using a spray bottle and a leaf blower!
John Gumm with 4th graders Alexis Henderson, Morgan Scholz, and Jacob Duty during a "hurricane."

Mr. Gumm also explained that he became interested in weather and meteorology when he was in fourth grade. The students had a wonderful time participating in this presentation.
Local 12 meteorologist John Gumm with a cloud in a bottle.

Lori Richards
4th grade science teacher
Locust Corner Elementary