Thursday, March 8, 2012

Update on local Moscow relief efforts

Retired New Richmond EVSD teacher Ron Stang reported the following from a meeting Wednesday of local organizations working with Moscow relief:

There was a large gathering at Cranston Memorial Presbyterian in New Richmond involving 11 local ministers, heads of local organizations (Boys and Girls club, veterans, Liar's Club, Food Pantry), and representatives from large disaster organizations.

The following was determined :

• 60% of the homes were immediately destroyed or are now condemned and will be torn down. Most of the debris has been hauled away, and what remains will be out by this weekend.

• The Washington Township Park Hall 756 is providing some supplies and is the temporary Post Office. There is a shuttle from Moscow from 10-5 daily.

• FEMA is not getting involved.

• There is a real need for Case Management workers to help the residents documenting their needs. call Ron Matthews at 752-5265 or

• There is a need for housing. St. Peter's church in New Richmond just turned over their downstairs to the Red Cross for shelter. If you want to let people stay in your house, call the Red Cross.

• River of Life Assembly of God in Moscow on US 52 will continue to handout food/some clothing, and household supplies. They need volunteers to help them. If you want to volunteer or donate food and supplies, please call them first at 553-6721.

• Grant United Methodist Church in Point Pleasant will continue to provide hot meals on site and receive/handout canned food and misc. household supplies. 553-3667 or 479-4533

• Cranston Memorial Presbyterian Church in New Richmond at Washington and Union streets will continue to take in canned/dry good foods for the Moscow residents. 553-2397

• Don't forget pet food in your donations. There is already horse food available.

• The Boys and Girls Club in New Richmond at the corner of Washington and Union Streets will continue to provide clothing. They do not need any more clothing donated. They have all sizes. 10-6 Monday through Saturday. 553-0188

• The residents of Moscow are asking for Kroger cards so that they can purchase fresh foods. Most of the homes that are now occupied still do not have electricity to keep fresh food. The residents are also needing cards from building supply stores. The cards could be given to the River of Life church.

• Home Depot donated 20 grills for the residents to cook on.

• The Salvation Army is pulling out.

• We are providing meals for the all the residents and workers that are there in the village area from tomorrow morning on. There can be as many as 250 hungry workers for each meal. We need help cooking, serving, and cleaning up. The Masonic Lodge on Broadway in Moscow is the location. Please call Jean Rust to volunteer. 553-1041.

• There is a fund set up for all cash donations. It is at the River Hills Bank. The account is the River Valley Ecumenical Churches. Please note the donation as "tornado relief." This was approved of by all the ministers and local organization reps at our meeting.

• Furniture should be stored until further notice. Obviously there will be a need, but not until people get into houses.

• We are asking the Moscow Village Council to convene and list their needs so that all of us can help them as they deem necessary.

Ron Stang