Monday, September 9, 2013

Property buy part of long term planning

The recent purchase by the New Richmond Exempted Village School District of the property at the corner of Bethel-New Richmond Road and Watkins Hill Road is a continuance of a school board practice dating back to 2004 to purchase property adjacent to New Richmond High School as it becomes available.

The recently purchased property at the corner of Watkins Hill Road and Bethel-New Richmond Road is part of a School Board  practice dating back to 2004 to buy adjacent property as it becomes available.
In the spring of 2004, the Board of Education conducted a series of community meetings led by then Supt. Charles Moore to discuss the possible construction of a new high school.  That led to the decision to renovate NRHS in its current location as opposed to building a new facility in a new location.

As a result of that decision, NREVSD purchased the Wolf property in front of the high school in July of 2005 and the Ginn property on Watkins Hill Road in 2007. Structures on those properties were removed.  In addition, the school district has invested $5.2 million on projects at NRHS such as asbestos removal, outside masonry replacement, HVAC replacement, and the baseball/softball athletic complex.

“The present location of New Richmond High School likely will be the location of our high school for the next 50 years,” noted NREVSD Supt. Adam Bird. “The close proximity of property along Watkins Hill Road to the high school leaves the District with no room for future expansion.”

Acquiring the 5 properties on the west side of NRHS would increase the border line from 12 feet away to approximately 150 feet and would leave the district with future flexibility and space on the west side of campus.

“Adding this additional property to what the district has already purchased is a decision the administration and School Board felt was in the best interest of the school district,” said Bird.

The Board was able to purchase this property for less than its appraised value and is currently seeking a tenant to rent.