Wednesday, January 29, 2014

NREVSD sets closing/delay temperature

Just how cold does it have to be before New Richmond schools close or go on a delayed start?

That temperature with wind chill factored in has been established at -18 degrees.

"We are using the Wind Chill Chart from the National Weather Service to determine whether to close/delay" said Supt. Adam Bird. "NREVSD will stay open unless wind chill factor reaches -18 degrees or colder."

National Weather Service wind chill/frostbite chart.
The wind chill factor is the perceived air temperature felt on exposed skin due to the flow of cold air not the actual temperature. A wind chill of -19 or lower could result in frostbite after 30 minutes of exposure according to the National Weather Service.

The wait time for New Richmond school buses should be five minutes or less -- well under the 30-minute frostbite range -- according to NREVSD transportation director Wayne Prescott.

“Students are supposed to be at their designated place of safety (or bus stop) five minutes before their bus time,” said Prescott, who, along with chief mechanic Chuck Vogel, has the buses started and warmed up when drivers leave the transportation facility.

But no student is on the clock when it comes to inclement weather.

 “Our drivers are professionals and they know what to look for when picking up their students,” said Prescott.

That certainly was the case on Wednesday.

"Student safety will always be our top priority," said Bird, who rode a school bus on one route and drove a large portion of the district in his private car. “No student had to wait for the bus I was on, the bus waited for them. And the bus waited for students at a designated bus stop.”

New Richmond was one of three Clermont County and one of four local districts to remain on regular start times Wednesday (Jan. 29).  Goshen, Milford and Forest Hills were the other districts to not go on delay.
Here’s the wind chill to frostbite times according to the National Weather Service:

·         Wind chill -19 to -30: Skin can frostbite in 30 minutes.

·         Wind chill -35 to -50: Skin can frostbite in 10 minutes.

·         Wind chill -50 and lower: Skin can frostbite in five minutes.

The National Weather Service issues a wind chill advisory when the forecast wind chill exceeds -15 and a wind chill warning when it exceeds -25. Schools in cold weather states like South Dakota go as low as the 10 minute frostbite time before closing/delay.