Wednesday, April 30, 2014

NRMS finishes 12th in state

The Cincinnati regional champion New Richmond Middle School Science Olympiad Team finished 12th out of 40 teams in the Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament at The Ohio State University in Columbus on April 26.

 Rachel Coons, Teddy Mansfield, Luke Smiddy, Joey Hammill, Travis Justice, Rachel Gastrich, Natalie Holdsworth, and Archer Maguire won medals for New Richmond by finishing in the top 6 in their events.

New Richmond Middle School’s Science Olympiad team finished 12th out of 40 teams in the Ohio Science Olympiad State Tournament held at The Ohio State University.

 Top finishers for New Richmond included:
 • Natalie Holdsworth and Archer Maguire finished 6th in Road Scholar
 • Rachel Coons and Travis Justice finished 5th in Crime Busters
 • Luke Smiddy and Rachel Gastrich finished 4th in Heredity
 • Teddy Mansfield and Joey Hammill finished 4th in Solar System
 • Quincy Ipsaro and McKenzie Miller finished 10th in Helicopters
 • Travis Justice and Katie Huss finished 9th in Water Quality
 • Joey Hammill and Teddy Mansfield finished 8th in Dynamic Planet
 • McKenzie Miller and Quincy Ipsaro finished 7th in Sounds of Music.

 Travis Justice was named the team’s MVP. The New Richmond Middle School Science Olympiad team is coached by teacher Josh Grischow who is assisted by the school’s science department Pam Hughes, Tina Grippa and Doug Smiddy.

New Richmond was making its fourth straight appearance in the state tournament having finished 30th, 35th, and 28th the past three years.

“To jump to 12th this year was honestly a surprise,” said Grischow. “It was also a reflection of both how hard we worked and how talented our kids are. All the more impressive is that we come from a small, rural community and we were the third smallest school public school at the tournament.”

Other Cincinnati area middle schools competing in the state competition were Mason (11th place), Wyoming (29th) and Loveland (36th). The top three teams were Solon Middle School, Magsig Middle School (Centerville) and Chardon Middle School.