Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Monroe sends truckload of toys to orphans

Collecting gifts for worthy causes in lieu of a student holiday gift exchange has become a holiday tradition at New Richmond’s Monroe Elementary tradition and this year's effort, spearheaded by 6th grader Zach Laub, resulted in a truckload of toys going to orphans at St. Joseph Orphanage.

"Zach Laub is an awesome student and person," said Monroe 6th grade teacher Lauren Bota. " He came to me early in the school year and asked about a toy drive for orphans and I thought it sounded like an amazing idea.  We sent out a letter to all teachers and ended up having school wide participation."

Zach's “Drive for the Orphans,” got quick approval from Mrs. Bota and Monroe principal Joe Roach.

"A 'Drive for the Orphans,' was something that Zach Laub felt compelled to do," said Nikki Laub, Zach's mother. "He wanted to put together a collection of items for those in need and less fortunate and once his idea received the approval of Mrs. Bota and Mr. Roach, countless hours of planning began."

Mrs. Laub, with help from Zach's younger borther Austin and older brother Nick and other volunteers, transported the truckload of items to St. Joseph.

"As a parent and community member, I could not be more proud of the efforts and intentions of the Monroe students, staff and administration," said Mrs. Laub. "These children and young adults learn a valuable lesson of what it is to give, rather than to receive during the holiday season."

"With the help of Mrs. Laub, who transported the toys and items to the orphanage, this was a full success," said Mrs. Bota. "We are so proud of Zach."