Thursday, April 5, 2012

Monroe shows it colors for Art Month

March is Youth Art Month — a celebration of the importance of Art Education in every child’s educational experience — and no school celebrates it quite like New Richmond's Monroe Elementary.

Monroe students and staff celebrated by dressing in daily art themes during ART SPIRIT WEEK organized by Monroe's Visual Arts Specialist Adrian Hawk.

You can watch a slide show of Monroe's Art Spirit Week celebration by clicking on the photo below.

Click here to watch or right click here and select Save Target As to download the video

Monday was PRIMARY COLORS Day when the theme was wearing BLUE, RED & YELLOW, the colors that make all other colors possible.

Monroe teacher Lauren Lindsley and students Payton Daughtery (left) and Shayla Underwood (right) on Creative Craziness day.

Tuesday was TEXTURe Day when the theme was wearing as many different tactile textures as you could get on.

Wednesday was FAVORITE Artist & Art Media Day which called for dressing as your favorite artist, illustrator, artwork or storybook character.
Teacher Rhonda Glover with student Shelby Miller (right)in their Creative Craziness dress.

Thursday was PATTERNS Day when the theme was wearing a combination of lines, shapes, colors, pictures, and/or designs.

Friday was SHAPES, SCULPTURE & other CREATIVE CRAZINESS Day when the theme was wearing the brightest, boldest, glitziest, neon, shiny, shimmery, glossy, sequined and creative outfit or wearing shapes all over or even dress up like a HUMAN SCUPTURE.