Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Lions Sports Foundation needs your help

The New Richmond Lions Sports Foundation needs Your Help !!!
$$$   Please Join Us In Earning Kroger Community Rewards   $$$
To Benefit
The New Richmond Lions Sports Foundation!

Please Register Your Kroger Plus Card and choose NRLSF for Community Rewards.  Please ask your family and friends to do the same!

How it works:  A percentage of your Kroger purchases will be returned to NRLSF in the form of a quarterly check from Kroger!


Kroger Homepage: click on "Create An Account" orange tab, top right

Information
Enter your e-mail address (this will be your User Name)
Create Password  (6-12 characters in length, must have1 letter and 1 number)
Confirm Password

Add Your Plus Card Account
Click on "Use Card Number" or "Use Alternate ID"

Enter Card Number
Enter Last Name
Enter Zip Code

Select Your Preferred Store
Enter your zip code
Select store of your choice

Click Create Account Tab

Log Into Your Account
Click on bottom right Community Rewards icon "Edit" to add NRLSF
Enter your name and address

Type "New Richmond Lions Sports Foundation" in the search field
Click Radio Button to choose NRLSF

If you already have a Kroger online account, just log in an choose NRLSF for Community Rewards

***Important:  Registering your Kroger Plus Card for NRLSF Community Rewards Benefits does not in any way effect your fuel points!

Thank you for Supporting the New Richmond Lions Sports Foundation!