Thursday, June 27, 2013

NRHS students gain from foreign trip

Sixty New Richmond High School students, teachers and chaperones spent 10 days in June on a foreign language tour of France and Spain.

"The trip was a great success thanks to the wonderful students we have and the good job done by chaperons," said Roger Nyam, NRHS French teacher who organized the trip along with NRHS Spanish teacher Sharon Nehls. "Many students were amazed at how interconnected the world has become with the advent of internet technology: you can use your U.S. ATM/Debit Card at nearly every ATM in Europe without any problem."

The Eiffel Tower in Paris was one of the first stops for New Richmond High School  students during the foreign language trip to France and Spain.
The trip took the New Richmond group to Paris and Versailles from June 10-13; Barcelona from June 14-15 and Madrid fom June 16-18.

The Paris and Versailles stops included landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Louvre Museum, the Paris Opera House, La Sorbonne, France's most Prestigious University, and the Chateau de Versailles.

NRHS French teacher Roger Nyam (left) with students and chaperons during a stop at the Louvre.

The group traveled overnight to Barcelona where they visited the Savador Dali Museum in Figueras, just 2 hours by bus outside Barcelona. The bus trip to Madrid included a stopover in Zragoza.

On June 16, we left for Madrid by bus, with a stopover in Zaragoza ( a city between Barcelona and Madrid). We were in Madrid from June 16-18 when we left back for the United States.

"The students did not only have first hand lessons in French and Spanish cultures but also learned a lot in history, art, literature, architecture, economics and even Culinary Art," noted Nyam."It is our hope that this trip would spark students' interest in furthering their knowledge in some of these and other fields of study.

"Learning a foreign language is one of the ways of preparing students to face this interconnected world and be able to communicate and do business across cultures."

Click on the play button below to watch a slideshow video from the trip captured by NRMS art teacher Stacy Gibbons, Nyam, Nehls and NRHS match teacher Pat Verwold.